Public Seminar on Globalism and the Idea of Fair Trade on May 18

Hickory International Council and Unique World Gifts are delighted to announce a co-sponsored public seminar on May 18, 6-7:30 p.m., at Patrick Beaver Memorial Library, regarding the subject of globalism and the idea of "fair trade". The event will be advertised as "Global Trade Gala: An Evening of International Exchange".

As you may know, I am a voting board member on both the municipal-appointed Hickory International Council as well as the fair trade non-profit Unique World Gifts. Discussing the idea of "fair trade" with many citizens in our area recently, I realized so many are unfamiliar with the term. Similarly, in our present political discourse, "trade" so often comes up as a hot-button issue. As such, I do believe a civic open forum is in order.

Please make plans to attend the May evening of learning, cultural enjoyment, and democratic discourse as we discover together how the world has changed since ideas, services, and goods have been traded "faster, better, and more" in this modern era.

Speakers include:

  1. Doctor Casey Delehanty of Gardner-Webb University (Latin America history and politics expert; we have many South American products in UWG; he'll talk international relations in regard to globalism/trade)
  2. Ms. Lana Ruffini, executive director of Unique World Gifts (she'll bring media of our patronized artisans from developing countries and the experiential/business side of "fair trade")
  3. Mr. Chris Rice, Hickory High International Baccalaureate (IB) program director (trade is more than just goods and services - but also - ideas and learning from various cultural perspectives; globalism of ideas has changed our world, thought in academia)
  4. With the strong possibility of HHS IB post-graduate and current diploma students who found learning from various global perspectives useful, intellectually enriching as they "traded" ideas in the classroom with colleagues.

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